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Made with Seaweed

Completely additive-free, our Edible Crystals are made with seaweed. Enjoy the crispy texture outside with the perfectly chewy texture inside.

Secret of the texture

Each piece is made by hand. It takes one week for the whole process to condense the flavors. We appreciate your patience!

Customer's Voices

We’re enjoying the beautiful Japanese sweets. They are so pretty and delicious!

Thank you!!

My beautiful edible crystal is here!!! It’s Japanese vegan sweets made from seaweed. It’s so pretty and tastes really good too! I respect all fighters who are trying to spread the beauty of Japanese culture to the world, and I’m glad I could get one for myself

we got our crystals! They were so beautiful and yummy!  My husband hit it just right when he described them as A Soothing Candy.  thank you so much! And keep up the amazing work~ (the little thank you card and note really lifted my spirits too.)

About the Founder

When Alissa Miky was 9-years-old, she experienced 9/11 and she had to get on a flight 3 days later at JFK airport to fly back to Japan. She was scared of the plane, the same thing that caused the terrible tragedy. When a Red Cross worker appeared in front of her and gave her a little candy, she felt safe. This is the moment she looked back to, and this was the moment she wanted to create for others.

Years later, she became a successful marketer in Japan and received several awards such as Forbes Japan 100 Top Women 2018 and Business Insider Japan “Game Changer” 2019. But she still felt empty inside. One day, she heard from her friend that there were not a lot of sweets available for her because she is vegan and they have to be gluten-free due to Celiac disease.

Then she came up with an idea...

Most Japanese desserts are vegan, gluten-free and visually appealing; this was her chance to replicate the feeling of comfort she experienced at JFK airport, so she created sweets that bring happiness to achieve the peaceful world that she envisioned.