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Made from Seaweed

Completely additive-free Edible Crystal is made from seaweed. Seaweed is high in dietary fiber and it helps with digestion and the lowering of cholesterol. With Edible Crystal, you can enjoy the crispy texture outside and the chewy texture inside.

Sharable Sweets

At a special event, you would like to share a pleasurable time with all the participants, right? Misaky.Tokyo offers vegan, gluten-free, natural and beautiful sweets that most people can enjoy together. It's easily breakable, so you can share something delicious and sweet during a pleasant conversation!

Customer's Voices

We’re enjoying the beautiful Japanese sweets. They are so pretty and delicious!

Thank you!!

My beautiful edible crystal is here!!! It’s Japanese vegan sweets made from seaweed. It’s so pretty and tastes really good too! I respect all fighters who are trying to spread the beauty of Japanese culture to the world, and I’m glad I could get one for myself

we got our crystals! They were so beautiful and yummy!  My husband hit it just right when he described them as A Soothing Candy.  thank you so much! And keep up the amazing work~ (the little thank you card and note really lifted my spirits too.)

Our Story

I really want to make people feel safe and live in a peaceful world.

--- I was born in New York in 1992 as an only child and with my parents we traveled back and forth between Japan and New York. When I was only 9, my life, as well as those of many others, changed on 9/11. Just three days later, my family was waiting at JFK airport to fly back to Japan. I remember vividly, the cold feeling sitting on the floor at the airport. We were waiting to get onto a plane not unlike the ones that had caused so much pain just days before. I was scared. A tiny bit of solace came when a Red Cross worker appeared in front of me and gave me a small piece of candy. The world melted around me for a moment and I felt safe. I think back to that moment and want to share that feeling of safety and I believe I can do that with my sweets.Years later in Japan, I went to a party with a friend. Despite having a level of success in the marketing field, that garnered recognition from both Forbes and Business Insider, I still felt empty inside. Talking with my friend, I was saddened to hear about how she often couldn't find many good treats to eat. She follows a vegan diet and has Celiac disease, keeping her from also consuming gluten products. This all sparked a thought...Most Japanese desserts are vegan, gluten-free and beautiful; the desserts might be able to replicate that feeling of comfort I had experienced years earlier. I felt that I could not only create a dessert but a feeling of happiness and a better, safer world.

---- So, I established “Misaky.Tokyo”. Misaky means “beautiful future” in Japanese and I want to create a "beautiful future" by giving wonderful and joyful times to all the significant people in my life.