Misaky.Tokyo X Kim Kardashian

Misaky.Tokyo X Kim Kardashian


As a first blog post, we wanted to announce our first big collaboration with Kim Kardashian for KKW Fragrance. Misaky.Tokyo's sweets were used for PR box of new KKW Fragrance launch.

After the discussion with the KKW team, we have decided to create Crystal Treats based on the crystals that the fragrance was inspired from for the collaboration. For the KKW Fragrance special 8pcs box, we created 2 new flavors addition to our existing 6 flavors. One of the new flavors were white crystal and we made it with Coconut and Cinnamon. The other one was baby pink crystal and we made it with Elderflower, Salix gracilistyla, and Cranberry.

The day after we dropped off the boxes, Kim Kardashian herself posted our sweets on her story and Misaky.Tokyo was noticed by a lot of people. We are overwhelmed by the amount of support we have received.

We just wanted to say for our fans, thank you for supporting our small business from the beginning. This is the moment we will look back on years from now.
We will work even harder from now, to achieve our goal, which is to create an equal society with sweets.



Alissa Miky


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