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Crystal Dust Set (5 bags + 1 Crystal Treat)


Crystal Dust is made from the leftover scraps from our production. Leading time can be unexpected; they take longer than our regular gift boxes. 


Offcuts from the week go through the same dehydration process as our Crystal Treats.

The flavors will be random, such as yuzu, lavender, matcha, rose, etc. (We will try to avoid overlapping flavors as much as possible, but we cannot guarantee).

Please note that one full Crystal Treat will also be selected randomly.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great way to try these out!

Having never tried anything like these crystals, I was hesitant to try a full box. This box with the crystal dust was a great way to get an idea of the flavors with the crystal dust, and the texture of the full crystal treat. I got mine back in August and loved it! Really nice flavors and such a unique texture, I think these crystal treats are so fun and delicious.


I ordered this sample package to get a first impression of the product and everything is DELICIOUS! I will be ordering these for every holiday as gifts, and also occasionally for myself to indulge in of course.

Shipping was earlier than expected, the eco friendly packaging is an amazing bonus.

So good, 10/10


Surprise flavors

I almost always add the crystal dust to my orders (if it's in stock still) and love that sometimes you get little sneaks of upcoming flavors. It's always random what you get, but I kind of love that? I can usually tell what flavor something is based on the color and previous flavors, but sometimes I message Misaky Tokyo on IG to see what a flavor is if I can't tell 😆

Amanda Carroll
Thanks, TikTok! (These are amazing)

I came across Misaky Tokyo on TikTok and was so intrigued by the edible crystals, that I had to try it for myself, and they did not disappoint. I did't want to spend the money to get a big jewelry box in case I did not like it, but now I wish I had. The Crystal Dust bags are perfect for someone wanting the experience without all the money! So worth it, and I can't wait to share with all my friends!

great way to try product

I supported this project through kickstarter. I received the boxes and they were so beautifully wrapped that I didn't want to open to try, lol. so I was lucky enough to get this 'grab bag'. at first I thought the samples were fairly small, but this candy is very sweet so just a few nibbles satisfies your sweet tooth.
the flavors are really good. luckily, I got some overlap on the yuzu, which is the BEST! the mouth-feel is pleasant. just a little crisp on outside and springy in the middle. I'll buy the boxes for gifts, and definitely order this little grab bag again for myself.