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Crystal Dust Set (5 bags + 1 Crystal Treat)


Crystal Dust is made from the leftover scraps from our production. Leading time can be unexpected; they take longer than our regular gift boxes. 


Offcuts from the week go through the same dehydration process as our Crystal Treats.

The flavors will be random, such as yuzu, lavender, matcha, rose, etc. (We will try to avoid overlapping flavors as much as possible, but we cannot guarantee).

Please note that one full Crystal Treat will also be selected randomly.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Jellie v.
Flavorful and Delightful!

I haven't tried the wishing star box yet that I also recieved, but started with the crystal dust box and the goodies within it. The colors are bright and flavorful, tangy and super crunchy. The whole reason I wanted to order these was to fight the urge I have to chew brightly colored rocks that look like candy and now I finally have the solution (also they just sounded delicious and I wanted to have sugar and yay best of both worlds!).

Patti T.
Special Gift

I send them to my daughter as a gift.she is a silversmith and loves crystals, gems and stones.
She loves getting the crystals as a surprise and is excited to taste the different flavors...

Sugey Martinez

Very tasty


I’m getting them and I love crystal candys! It’s amazing, I FOLLOW YOUUU<333 10/10 👏🏻👏🏻 You slay!!! Whoop whoop yeahhhhhh💯💯

Not what I expected…

I watched so many videos on social media and wanted to try this product out. The marketing definitely makes you excited to want to try these out.

They prices on the candies are pretty steep, so I ordered this crystal set as a sample & was given 3 candy pieces as the “1 large Crystal” item. The shape of those 3 pieces are described as a slightly larger “Dots” candy piece.
I took one out the bag and bit into it…no crunch, no crisp, no sound as I bit into the candy. I was disappointed.
I was so excited to try the bigger pieces for the crunch factor and did not receive it. It was just a regular gummy bite.

Therefore, I bit into the smaller crystal candies to try them out & they definitely had a crisp to them. It was satisfying.
I wish I knew which flavors I was eating, one was definitely chocolate and I was not a fan.

The flavors didn’t really come through for me the way I thought they would. It’s very light in taste. For example, I really had to use my tongue to try and figure out which flavors were which.

This purchase included shipping and handling fees. I don’t know if I’ll try this mixture again; however, I am hopeful that these gummies are all the rage that many reviewers have given them. I don’t think I ordered the right product as my first time trying these candies.

I’d give the jellies another shot, but only if it was at a lower price range & I would only order a larger actual Crystal.

On the upside, the shipping and handling was amazing. my product came in less than a week of me ordering.