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Amethyst Box (Donation for Afghanistan Women)


Due to the organizational structure of the company, we will stop accepting orders for a while.

For corporate, wedding and other large orders of 30 boxes or more, please contact us at


We pray for a return to peace for the women of Afghanistan soon.

With the current situation, Afghanistan women are facing an uncertain future.

To support them, we have decided to create a set with Amethyst Crystal Treats. The flavor of Amethyst is made with the aroma of Salix gracilistyla and the refreshing sweetness of lemon and blueberry to express compassion. We pray for a return to peace for the women of Afghanistan soon.


We will donate 100% of proceeds for this box from 9/11-13, and we will donate 10% of proceeds after 9/14.



Current processing time: approximately 10 business days (as of 9/10)

This box includes 2 Amethysts, 2 random Crystal Treats, and 3 Crystal Dusts. Please note that we cannot accommodate flavor's request unless you have an allergy restriction. Thank you. 



What are Crystal Dusts?

Offcuts from the week, which go through the same dehydration process as our crystal gems. We collect pieces of Crystal Treats and put them in a bag. That is how we try to reduce food waste as a brand. Here is a set containing one bag. The flavors will be random, such as yuzu, lavender, hibiscus cranberry, matcha, rose, Yukari pomegranate cassis. (We will try to avoid putting overlapping flavors as much as possible, but we can not control it. Please forgive us in advance).


* Where we will donate 

In our current research, we consider donating to Unicef and Women for Afghan Women (WAW). Do you know of any other organizations that you would recommend?
We would be happy to learn more about it.


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