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Share your beautiful future

Japanese shareable sweets “Misaky.Tokyo”was established by Alissa Miky.

Alissa was born and raised in New York City until the age of ten. After 9/11 her parents brought her back to live in Japan. She believes every moment in life is precious and we should enjoy every minute of it.

One day, she noticed that her vegan friends were left out of the dessert portion of dinners and parties. Many Japanese foods are plant-based, and still accepted and enjoyed by all people, so she has created Gluten-Free, Vegan Japanese Sweets to share with your family and friends.

Awards: Forbes Japan 100 women, youngest awardee(2018)/ Business Insider Japan “Game Changer”(2019)


Philosophy: Share your beautiful future.
Misaky means “Beautiful future”in Japanese.

Crystal Jelly

“Kohaku”, Crystal candy made from plants Colourful, tasty, and healthy sweets made by mixing various herbs with gluten free amber sugar.
*Concept: Everyone can eat, Shareable sweets
*Vegan, Gluten-Free, Organic, All natural (no additive, no coloring)
*Guilt free sweets (Made from Seaweed powder)