We are offering customizable options for your special occasions.
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collection 1
Custom Made

1. Custom Wrapping

We provide a variety of color choices for your ribbon wrapping, and your brand logo can be seamlessly embroidered, incorporating Misaky logo.

An elegant white gift box tied with a red ribbon that has the word 'MISAKI' printed in gold letters, presented on a white background
Four colorful satin ribbons arranged diagonally on a white background, each with 'MISAKI' printed in gold letters. From top to bottom, the ribbons are green, red, blue, and pink.

2. Logo Sticker

Create a unique and personalized packaging experience by utilizing our logo sticker service.

A white gift box with the word 'OOMEE' in large blue letters, tied with a blue satin ribbon printed with 'MISAKY' in gold, set against a white background.
A long white gift box featuring the word 'NETFLIX' in bold black letters, adorned with a red ribbon that has 'MISAKY' printed in gold. Accompanied by decorative items including a red candle with a heart shape, a blue flower, and two fabric patches with 'NETFLIX' logo, set against a white background.

3. Custom Logo Print

Let your logo be tasteful, We provide a specialized service for printing logos on our edible crystals.

Two fabric patches and two novelty golf-themed sweets designed to resemble soap bars on a reflective surface. The black patch on the left features the 'NETFLIX' logo in red, and the sweets on the right are shaped like soap bars with the 'LPGA' logo in blue, with their reflections clearly visible beneath them
A square chocolate sweet with the letters 'tbh' in gold on top, placed on a reflective surface creating a clear mirror image below it.

4. Initial Candy

Customized Crystals Shaped with Your or Your Loved Ones' Initials for a Special Occasion.
Our skilled artisans sculpt each crystal, ensuring a perfect representation of the chosen initials.

Two octagonal-shaped sweets, one orange with 'S&R' written under a crown and floral design, and the other green with 'I&C' under a crown and surrounded by a floral wreath, both with a gold decorative finish. They are placed on a white background with their reflections partially visible.

5. Brand Logo Candy

How about your edible logo? Collaborate with Us to Craft Logo-Inspired Confections!

The image features a logo with a blue circular background and a central white star, bordered with a red and white striped design reminiscent of the American flag. Below the circle are Japanese characters in red and blue, which read
Sweets designed with an American flag motif, featuring a blue field with white stars and alternating red and white stripes, presented on a white plate or surface.

6. Themed Design

The dessert must match the event theme. Our dedicated team is committed to crafting crystal candy specifically tailored to enhance the aesthetic of your occasion.

The image shows a creative display of sweets, each representing a different television show available on Netflix. From left to right, the shows and their corresponding sweets are:


Example 1

illustratio n of Example 1 giftbox. 3 logo pieces and 3 misaky sweets

Example 2

illustratio n of Example 1 giftbox. 1 logo piece is in the center and 4 misaky sweets

The image displays an invoice for a 6-piece box of Fundamental Assortment costing $56.00, three Signature Logo Imprints at $3.00 each, Logo Imprint Wrapping for $10.00, and a Booklet Handling Fee of $2.00, with a subtotal of $77.00 per box.
Fundamental Assortment (6 piece box) priced at $56.00 each with a total amount of $56.00.Signature Logo Imprint costing $3.00 each with a total amount of $3.00.Logo Imprint Wrapping priced at $10.00 each with a total amount of $10.00.Booklet Handling Fee costing $2.00 each with a total amount of $2.00.The subtotal for the order per box is $71.00. Additional notes indicate a minimum order quantity of 50 boxes, separate charges for printing and shipping fees, and a total lead time of 3 weeks.

collection 2
Ready Made

1. Original Box

- $20% off of total*minimum order of 50 boxes is required
GEM BOX $45 → $36
LOVE BOMB $45 → $36
RAINBOW BOX $56 → $45
JEWELRY BOX $72 → $58

2. Original Crystals

- $ 6 per pieces*minimum order of 50 pieces is required


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